I have a DBS Multiplier account and would like to use their Regular Savings Plan (RSP)to purchase funds/ETFs? - Seedly
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DBS Multiplier Account

Max Trimble

Asked on 11 Sep 2019

I have a DBS Multiplier account and would like to use their Regular Savings Plan (RSP)to purchase funds/ETFs?

The DBS agent mentioned that we can only put in a constant amount of money every month. Is that fine? I was thinking of doing dollar cost averaging every month and put in different amount depending on the prices but RSP doesn't allow for this if I want to maximize my multiplier account. Is it still okay to go with a constant amount every month?


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Cedric Jamie Soh
Cedric Jamie Soh, Director at Seniorcare.com.sg
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Updated on 13 Sep 2019

Constant Dollar Amount is good for RSP.

Say prices go up, you buy fewer units with a fixed $200. Your current assets rise in price anyway, so not a bad thing.

Prices go down, you buy MORE units with the fixed $200. Your current asset dropping in price, but you are averaging per month.

May not sound like much, but do it regularly monthly for a few years, you will appreciate the consistent investments that add extra growth.


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Cedric Jamie Soh
Cedric Jamie Soh

13 Sep 2019

Yup i think having RSP set up is good. Just make sure you choose a provider that is low fee. recommend for good reading... ehm wow thats a long time since my last investment books, and i don't want to recommend what I am reading now, coz its mostly trading and higher risk stuff. https://www.facebook.com/gary/videos/798702687152620/UzpfSTU5NjQ0MDcyMDoxMDE2MjE2NzYzNDAxMDcyMQ/ maybe this video will reinforced the idea, its not timing the marketing, its BEING IN THE MARKET.
Max Trimble
Max Trimble

13 Sep 2019

Thanks again, Cedric. I see that you do options trading too. Would it be okay for a beginner like me to read up on it and slowly ease into that too as part of investing?
Dhruv Arora
Dhruv Arora, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Syfe
Level 6. Master
Updated on 18 Sep 2019

As Cedric mentioned, with dollar cost averaging, you avoid the risks of lump-sum investing since you invest smaller, consistent amounts during both good and bad market conditions. Over the long term, your returns average out to mirror the overall market performance.

A RSP is good if you want exposure to Singapore equities. But if you want a globally diversified ETF portfolio, you can consider digital wealth managers like Syfe. Syfe has no minimum investment amount and you get the freedom to decide how much to invest each month.

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Max Trimble
Max Trimble

18 Sep 2019

This is so helpful ūüĎć Thanks a lot! Will look into it.