I have a CPIF investment that i dont think is reaping much . is this CPIF actually good or it would be better off in my CPF OA.. ? - Seedly




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Asked on 10 Jul 2019

I have a CPIF investment that i dont think is reaping much . is this CPIF actually good or it would be better off in my CPF OA.. ?

I signed it on 2017 and was assured i would have my capital OA($55k) invested back with interest higher than it was placed in CPF.. I was worried it might not be true and might have troubles opting out in case i want to use my cpf for BTO


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You will need to know what you invested in. Looking at your comment below, if it was indeed Unit Trusts, there is no guarantee of any form. Depending on which unit trust you invest in, returns can potentially be better than CPF OA's interest, but you are at the mercy of the market, and hence if you require the CPF monies for a milestone that is coming up in the short term (



10 Jul 2019

CPF SA or Unit Trust? Lets say if I have already taken care of my own retirement plan, insurance, emergency cash etc. and have 150k spare cash. Is it a good idea to top up my wife's CPF SA account to FRS and let it compound for 30 years till 65 for her CPF LIFE pay out? Any opinion ?
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee

11 Jul 2019

Yes, if you have already taken of your own retirement, please take care of your spouse as well. Do consider also the income tax relief that comes with topping up her SA. You might want to space out the top ups to get tax reliefs. If the tax relief is not significant to you, then you can top up in a lump sum.
Milly Fbk
Milly Fbk
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Answered on 12 Jul 2019


Short Answer: Bad! So take it out!

Why? OA earns you 2.5% guaranteed atleast. If you are earning more then that in your CPFIS, I would like to know and invest in that too. =X

It's not too late, take it out and leave in OA. If you're intending to invest your OA for a better retirement, then you should just have transferred some OA to your SA (But that takes some calculations)

Point is, just leave it in OA until the SG government reduces to 0% fee for CPFIS, which then might make CPFIS more attractive. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/government-to-remove-sales-charge-under-cpf-investment-scheme


Brandan Chen
Brandan Chen, Financial Planner at Manulife Singapore
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Updated on 10 Jul 2019

It really depends from advisor if you invested the money with an insurance company or your own investment skillset.

If you had invested a lump sum of money in 2016 and cashed out by 2018 in China Funds, your returns would have been easily in the double digit.

Also, investments take time to mature in the long run

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10 Jul 2019

I know investments would take a long time to mature. I invested with an insurance company but because the advisor was a friend, i decided to ask more here to confirm if investment made by using CPF OA could results in a loss(lesser money in my OA) and it would be better if i had keep it in my CPF