I hate my job but I'm bonded for 3 more years, how do I make my time here more enjoyable? - Seedly


Asked by Anonymous

Asked on 21 Jan 2019

I hate my job but I'm bonded for 3 more years, how do I make my time here more enjoyable?

Basically I'm bonded because of scholarship. My boss treats me very badly, I'm not doing what I want to do, I drag my feet to work every day.

The only upside is that the pay is rather higher than my peers.

How do you cope with this?


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Junus Eu
Junus Eu
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Answered on 20 Mar 2019

I have had several friends who were bonded - and typically they don't break the bond, unless they are confident that they are able to pay it back.

Here's what I would do if I decide to stay for the next 3 years (in light of poor boss treatment, not something you want to do etc):

1. Finding friends in your colleagues.

Think about it, for us corporate job workers, the time spent with colleagues is way more than the time spent with loved ones. If you can find good friends in the workplace, they will make your time there more enjoyable. Conversely, having people you don't like at the workplace makes your experience 2x worse.

2. Find out why your boss treats you poorly.

Does the boss treat everyone poorly, or just you specifically? If it's the former, then 1 would be even easier to do, because people bond in adversity ;) If it's the latter, then perhaps it makes sense to find out why. You never know - it could make for a better relationship with your boss.

3. Use the time to find out what you are interested in, and progress on it on the side.

Call it side hustle/hobby/interests on the side/etc. If you have a goal on what you want to achieve, and have a plan on how to get there, it would make your 3 years more bearable as well.

Hope it helps!


Jonathan Chia Guangrong
Jonathan Chia Guangrong, Fund Manager at JCG Fund
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Answered on 23 Jan 2019

What is your exit strategy? If you don't have one, I'd suggest finding / creating one. Can be something you do on the side which you can do full time once your bond is completed. For example, I'm building an options portfolio that will allow me to retire in a few years' time, while still holding on to my day job. I'm looking forward to the day I can fire my boss.


Yong Kah Hwee
Yong Kah Hwee
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Answered on 22 Jan 2019

Make friends! IMO, the people around you in the office makes a huge difference on whether you are happy while at work.