I had my career path planned out initially, but all my plans were disrupted after COVID hit. I feel that I am at a major disadvantage as compared to the batches which graduated earlier. Any advice? - Seedly
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Asked 2w ago

I had my career path planned out initially, but all my plans were disrupted after COVID hit. I feel that I am at a major disadvantage as compared to the batches which graduated earlier. Any advice?


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Tay WenHao
Tay WenHao
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Updated 2w ago

I know exactly how you feel. Same happened to me. Although slightly different context.

I'm suppose to ORD this year Aug (2 months time).

The norm for every NSF will be to go to Uni (if eligible) which is what all my peers are going for.

However, I have a slightly different mentality. Im more of a practical person than a study person. Even though I am a fast learner and my results are good, I chose Poly even though I can go for JC to cut down on 1 year of education. I had a placing in NTU after graduating from SP and I kept the slot for 2 years (deferred due to NS) and suppose to enrol this year Aug after my ORD.

But I decided to forgo my slot and rejected the placing in early Jan this year (before this whole COVID started). I decided to give up the placing to someone else this year (application starts ard end Jan / Feb).

I decided to start working first to gain experience and try out the sector before studying because I want to make sure I study something relevant to my future job. Instead of just studying for the degree cert but working in different sector. E.g. Degree in Engineering but working in Bank.

However, this whole COVID pandamic turned everything upside down. Its hard for me to get a job, much less in a sector that I want to try out. I decided to extend my NS and signed a Short Term Contract for 6 months till next year Feb. Hoping that this will die down by next year and by then the economy will recover and I can be back to track.

In summary, for your case, think positively. Your plans are postponed. For now, grab some part time / short term jobs to earn a income first. After this whole pandamic is over, you can start afresh with your plans and continue with your career path.


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Tee-Ming Chew
Tee-Ming Chew, Co-founder at Seedly
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Answered 2w ago

Like what Malvin has mentioned, don't be dishearten and consider your current options.

You mentioned you have intially planned out, how different is your plan now? Will you be able to take the same job (if we don't care about the monetary portion)? If so, I highly recommend you to go for it as this is indeed a difficult time. Monetary part will resolved as the economy recovers.

If the problem is you're not able to take up the same job, consider doing the SGUnited Traineeship Programme. I believe there are many companies out there who are trying to help by offering such programme to the fresh graduates. Look for something that you believe can grow your skillset and be valuable once the economy recovers!


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At first glance, the dilemma of starting out with internship jobs or traineeship as your first career goes against conventional wisdom of starting out with blue-chip brand names. There are indeed initiatives by authorities for recent graduates to get hired on a temporary contract for up to a year, subjected to renewal.

Personally, I would think it depends highly on your (i) career goals and (ii) financial health. If you managed to land a stint at a company you like or a position that seem aligned with your long-term career goals, I would say “GO FOR IT!!!” even if the starting pay is less than ideal for a fresh graduate in normal times. The experience you gain and the people you meet might be able to help you next time, even if you choose not to stay in the same company after the contract is up. Furthermore, taking a job now doesn’t mean you stop looking out for other opportunities in your free time. You need to keep brushing up your CV and interviewing skills as you update your LinkedIn profile with new work experience earned during this period [If you need help with these,click here :)] Having some income reduces the stress and anxiety for job-hunting and puts you in a better position to learn and strive in the current position as well as your future ones.

If you wish to become an entrepreneur and has financial support from your own savings or otherwise, this might be a good time try different things out. You might be thinking, “Are you crazy? How do I start a business when the economy is so bad?” Remember, your greatest asset is your youth, stamina and capacity to fail, learn and grow. Furthermore, you have significantly fewer obligations as compared to a Mid-Career professional who might have several loans and dependents to pay for. The Chinese term of crisis is “危机”, which would mean danger and opportunity if you break up the characters. When a challenge presents itself (like now), it is up to the individual to be creative and grab the opportunity to present solutions.


To put it across simply, identify what problems and needs people around you are struggling with right now and need help with. Ask around. You never know what you may come across that could inspire your next venture.


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Keep knocking on doors. There are two types of people. The first would see this as an opportunity, they pivot, change their strategy and emerge as winners from a crisis. The second would be to blame this situation for killing all of their plans and do nothing but blame the scenario. They often end up worse and learn nothing from it.

You are young. Full of energy and have yet to exeperience your first quarter. You are likely to have little to no committments as compared to people who have lost their jobs in their 30s.

Blaming the situation won't do anything anyway. Nor will feeling sorry for yourself. Life is full of disadvantages. Find your unfair advantage, pivot, restrategize, and get back out there. You have it in you to do better. There are winners in every crisis and upmarket. The question is, do you want to be one of them?



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Malvin Tan WP
Malvin Tan WP
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Answered 2w ago

Dont be disheartened, since your entire cohort is going through the same pain i guess you can take solace in that fact. Anyways just keep putting yourself out there expose to opportunities and keep sending emails/linkedin messages, dont give up.


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