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Asked on 08 Aug 2018

I am considering to do sales as my first job. Should I go for Property, Insurance or Relationship Manager?

I am graduating in June 2019 with a Bachelor in Chemistry. I'm currently at a crossroad of career paths. I am considering to do sales as my first job. Am in a dilemma between Property, Insurance or Relationship Manager. Any help is much appreciated!?


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HC Tang
HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 08 Aug 2018


(A) Property:

  • Need to take course and pass the CEA exam.

  • Yearly have CPD hours to fulfill to retain the license.

  • License has yearly cost to maintain.

Pros: Good comm.

Cons: MAS cooling measure will means hard for beginners or people who lack the forte or character to do property sales. It involve a lot of hard work such as:

1) Understand and master HDB rules (Cherry, Subsidies etc)

2) Understand and master URA / SLA rules (for private)

3) Understand and master MAS rules (ABSD, TDSR etc)

4) Learn how to do marketing, sales and convert customer to buyer

5) Learn how to do financial planning for customer in terms of budgeting on purchases, loans, existing debts etc

6) Need to have enough savings for more than 1 year in case no income

7) Need to have some savings for advertisement and paying the cost of license, cost of attending CPD classes while may not have income.

8) Be aware of the dark and danger of the trade, eg. Some Developer drag commission by 1 to 2 years and don't pay.

The main hurder is MAS cooling measures so a lot of agent had quit over the years as it's hard to earn a living.

Insurance and RM I will leave it to the experts with experience to share.

You're in Chemistry, i'm guessing you're not keen to go into the trade for some reason. Spend some time to think about what is your interest and passion, go to networking session and talk to people in that trade to find out more. That may help you to find a better trade as you will need to spend more than half of your life working on that trade. So it's better to be something you enjoy doing rather than working for the sake of $. It's gonna be like hell for just $ sake.

All the best ! :) ​​​


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Dwivid Sharma
Dwivid Sharma
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 08 Aug 2018

All type of job need time and dedication toward your job. If you are looking for sales type job. I would love you alert you that this type of job become hactic for a normal person who don't know how to entertain other with their stuff.

If you are a preson who can easily get friendly and entertain anyone with your body language and communication. You can make good money in sales.

Let's move on anyother face of your question which type of sales job is good for you.

Let's discuss with earning from all type of job.

Real-Estate Job - Lum-sum earning with a singal sell.

Insurance Job - Low commission,but once get good number of clients. It will convert into your passive income. One time effort and long time earning.

Relationship Manager - You have to spend most of your life time on phone call and manage issues of clients. Means no more personal life.

Now it is upto you. What you want to choose.​​​


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