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I am about to receive 2,000 GBP from UK. What's the best way to minimize the forex/transaction fees? Is it (a) to deposit 2,000 GBP at source currency via DBS's MCA and subsequently convert to SGD or (b) receive the money as SGD?


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Tina Sharon Lee
Tina Sharon Lee,
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated 3w ago

I did the former thinking the pound will strengthen. Still waiting! The former doesn't incur any costs. Make sure that they specifically state remitting in Sterling Pounds though in the advice.

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Tina Sharon Lee
Tina Sharon Lee

20 Jul 2018

Oh if you decide to withdraw Sterling Pounds from the DBS MCA they will charge you a fee...if not mistaken about 1.5% for Sterling Pounds! Fyi
Deanna Lim
Deanna Lim,
Level 1. Freshie
Answered on 18 Jul 2018

I think that might be a possible option. You convert the amount you need via DBS MCA. Additionally, you can also turn on your notification to look out for favourable exchange rates. Can read more here:

There are other ways to minimise the forex fees, i.e. using Transferwise or WorldFirst- but that will require you to set up an account with them. Quite troublesome. If it's a one-off transfer, I would suggest using DBS MCA instead.