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Updated on 22 Apr 2019

I am a student and looking to earn some side money for investing. What are some easy ways to earn 15+ an hour part time. I don't mind investing time in learning a skill to use to generate income. ?

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There are various ways to earn 15/H. It will be best if you like the work you are doing too.

Do you have any specific set of skills? Such as copyrighting,lifesaving for events, photography, etc. These skills will be able to give 15/H.

Alternatively you can be a private tutor tutoring Secondary school kids or even list your skills on fiverr.

Also it is good to invest in yourself to learn a new skill to generate side income. There are various courses on that. You can google it up.


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Answered on 10 Apr 2019

Here are some ways:

  1. Private tuition - definitely more than $15 an hour. You will also learn how easy it is to understand a concept yourself, but difficult to get someone else to understand it.
  2. Work out instructor - if you are able to (and also qualified), teaching group classes would pay more than $15 an hour. I think this spans anything from yoga to HIIT to zumba
  3. Dog walking - apparently it pays anywhere from $13-25 per walk
  4. On a same thread - pet sitting. Said to pay $15 an hour
  5. If you are skilled in video editting/photoshop/graphic design - take up projects on the side
  6. Likewise for writing good copy