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I am 35 yo and single. Salary nearly reached a capped 6k. Should I go for BTO (only can do 2rm HDB) or resale(3 rm to 5rm) or private condo?

How good is the rental market right now? Or get a slightly lower than 6k pay and try for bto? Cos I know with the money saved from bto, the investment can do a better job in compounding... for your kind advices please. :) Thanks!

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    • Yixiong Chang

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      Answered 3w ago

      Now is not necessary a good time for property investment as well. As u mentioned, "the investment can do a better job in compounding.." , so u should question why do u need to buy a property now since u do not intend to live in it.

      Take some time to understand the property market first. Keep a lookout for new launches and past transactions. Get a feel of the general economic environment. Then when a good property investment opportunity comes along, u will be positioned to go for it.

      And u will never know when your significant other will come, then both of u could get an EC then. =D

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