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Asked on 31 Oct 2019

How worthwhile and trustworthy is Kristal.AI for investments?

What advantage do Robo-advisory platforms have over the traditional financial advisors?


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Had face-to-face with Edward, Kristal staff below. As part of customer onboarding, a Kristal staff member reached out via WhatsApp and I noted issues needed some manual handling. Coincidentally (?) got assigned Edward to look after the case quite independently of this review.

Good produtive meeting - the issues I raised (difficulties around customer risk assesment) seem to be quite common amongst new customers and Edward noted they were being reviewed and intended to be fixed going forward.

He was also personally help and would look into my particular queries and work with his internal teams for a fix as well.

Overall - good attention to getting the customer experience right and will be having a further look after Edward does his thing.

Original review answer below:

They aren't filling me with confidence right now.

Their KYC via app a bit broken. Couldn't change fields so inputs wonky. Result also feels very off from question replies.

When asked for help, got a WhatsApp but wanted a talk to a real person. Got told the physical RM would email me with time. They didn't end up reaching out.

If this is the front end, the backend when they have my money is concerning...



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Spking Lee
Spking Lee

4w ago

Hi Kelly, thanks for sharing. I have read many good reviews from the investors on about the company. So I have decided to it a go and invested with Kristal.AI in January this year. Would like to know are you getting some return after you have invested with Kristal.AI? The account is only trade in USD dollars, do you use their 3rd party brokerage account for conversion rate exchange from SG to USD dollars?
Kelly Trinh
Kelly Trinh

4w ago

Hi - I ended up setting up the account and now just waiting for the right time to deploy funds. I wouldn't stress so much on the exact returns - once you get into the platform you will see they have a lot of different choices; a bit of everything for a wide variety of risk appetite and/or asset class choices. The return will largely reflect your own choice of investment direction and I see Kristal as more of a platform. In terms of the USD piece; if I recall correctly they use Saxo for the SG backend who have very decent spreads (I saw elsewhere it was 8 basis points). It is unlikely it will be worthwhile to use a 3rd party (gain will not be large vs the admin hassle and fund transfer transaction costs) unless you put in very large amounts (10k-20k+++). PM me if you have any other queries. Best of luck with it.