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Asked on 07 Dec 2019

How to make use of ocbc 365 card and citi cash back card effectively?

What's the best way to use these 2 cards to gain as much cashback as possible? any tips and tricks that i should know of? am trying to get into the cashback hacking game :)


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I use OCBC for its dining a lot as the cashback is great for dining outside. 6% cashback.

Do note you have to spend at least $800 per mth

Currently OCBC has a promotion, for registered customers to spend at least $2000 in 2 periods and get extra $40, or spend $2500 in 2 periods and get extra $90

kinda extra fun ;)


Choon Yuan Chan
Choon Yuan Chan
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Answered on 15 Dec 2019

Without knowing your spending habuts, I will just list it out.

For OCBC 365, use it for dining purposes, it is the best cash back card for dining as of now, without using some long grabpay method. If you fall short on meeting the $800 requirement from your dining expenses, just top up to grabpay account to hit the rest


Isabel Wong
Isabel Wong
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Answered 4w ago

Ocbc card is more for dining. If you have an ocbc 360 account hitting the min spend for this should be your priority.


Vicki Chng
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Answered on 16 Dec 2019

OCBC 365 minimum spend: $800.

The best for this is the 6% on dining, especially if you dine out a lot. You should hit your minimum spend every month if not you might end up with a measly 0.3%. also, link it to the OCBC 360 acct If you have it to get extra interest.

Citibank cashback minimum spend : $888

Again this is quite high, and if you are uncertain that you can hit for both cards the minimum spend, I suggest using 1 only and supplement with other cards with lower minimum spend or no minimum spend to maximise your cashback!



It depends on your usage and spending habit.

For OCBC 365 card, you need to spend a minimum of $800 in a calendar month. Otherwise, a nominal 0.3% cashback will be awarded instead of the advertised rate, e.g. 6% for dining.

As a result, the only way to maximise the cashback is when you plan the expenses properly every month, in whichever category that you spend on.

For Citibank Cash Back card, you need to spend a minimum of $888 in a statement month in order to enjoy the optimal cashback. Otherwise, you will receive a nominal cashback of 0.25%.

This is not too different from the OCBC 365 card. Personally, I find such cards more stressful and confusing than it needs to be. Therefore, I avoided both.

Instead, I use UOB One, Standard Chartered Manhattan or Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback card for cashback rewards.

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