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Asked 3w ago

How to make minor changes to HDB SBF application?

I just submitted my SBF application but I realise that I made some errors in my salary reporting... Any idea how I can make changes? Trying to get through to HDB to no avail. Thinking of cancelling the application and making a new one but I'm not sure if that will result in my chances to get the place (I read somewhere that cancellation will reduce your chances to 0 but I don't know if it applies here?). Thanks for any help!


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It sounds risky to cancel. Don't! Please continue to reach out to HDB. Did you contact them via the online form?


Chujun Hong
Chujun Hong

3w ago

Answer from hdb website. Yes, you can. First, you will have to cancel the earlier submitted sales application for this exercise. Once the sales application is cancelled, you can submit a fresh application of your preferred category before the closing date of the sales exercise. There is a need to pay a fresh $10 administrative fee. To cancel the application, you may do so using the online facility found under eSales brochure > 'Apply Online' tab > 'Cancel application' (your Singpass is required). The cancellation is instantaneous.
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