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Asked on 11 Dec 2018

How to escape the 9-5 work life?

Feels like a rat race thing most of us are in. Seems like most of us have no choice as a stable and good income is the security we need. But is there a way to escape this sian work life?

I heard of people starting side businesses in their spare time and then pursuing that after that, wonder if they are happier.


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Guan Cong
Guan Cong
Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 11 Dec 2018

The 9-5 work life does indeed provide you income security but that's all you'll ever going to get unless you're really into this sort of life style. If you do want to get out of such workstyle, be prepared to understand that in a non-9-5, there's no such thing as income security unless you're very experienced.

Yes it's true, people like entrepreneurs and freelancers do enjoy freedom of their time. and it does seem like that they're happier. But dont be fooled by that, it's not all fun and games behind the scene. You might not even know that they might be taking a loss or even living on their savings. It take extreme hard work and efforts to get to where they are today.

So ask yourself the question, are you happy doing what you're doing today? If not, are you going to do something about it or just complain about it? There's always a pro and cons to it. Whether you choose to accept it is up to you! Cheers!


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Tan Siak Lim
Tan Siak Lim
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 12 Dec 2018

Before the industrial age, there were few big companies and most people are self employed, be it farmer, doctor, fisher man, black smith, merchant etc etc. There were no bad bosses, no corporate politics, no back stabbing, no 9-5 .... People work hard to provide a service / product that other people need, and make a living. It was a better world. There are still many people being self employed today, hawker, doctor, insurance agent, taxi driver, accountant etc etc, there is no stable income, which is fine. Why do so many people cling on to this fake "stable income" when the world is inherently unstable?


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