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Posted on 31 Jul 2020

How to effectively manage multiple credit cards and not overspend on them?

I am starting to get multiple credit cards and find it hard to know what I spent on.


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Samantha Ong

Samantha Ong

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Posted on 08 Aug 2020

I think having the Seedly app does help to categorize and track your various expense and income sources to your different credit cards.

Besides, it might be a good idea to see which credit cards give the most amount of cashback/ rebates for the various things you are purchasing. Then, it will be easier for you to remember and track your purchase to a single card whenever you purchase them from now on.

Hope this helps :)




I think the best method is to stick to just 3-4 credit cards and to use each card for a specific function (ie to earn cashback or accumulate miles). You could opt for the SMS function where you get a text on how much you've spent on each transaction (kind of a sobering reminder if you spent on impulse).

Also, having too many credits card would defeat the purpose of racking up points since you would never be able to have a solid amount of points for 1 card to redeem any goodies.



How many cards do you have? I recommend doing a monthly finance check in (I do mine on Excel) where ...

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