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Asked by Anonymous

Asked on 10 May 2019

how much to setup online e-commerce website?

I have an idea to do online business, and wonder if anyone knows how much it may typically cost to get a website setup from scratch with payment gateway?


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If this is your product first entry to the market, try out apps like carousell etc first. You can even try out with facebook page and use a third party vendor for payment gateway (e.g. paypal)

Get a guide on the market response before launching a website. You can use a hosting server such as bluehost to launch your own website etc, if you are able to design your own website, the cost will be low (less than 300 usd) to set it up.

Alternatively, you can also use Amazon as a platform


Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 11 May 2019

I'd recommend first testing the market with Carousell or Shopee first?

I've seen many interesting businesses which start there.

I feel that building up a website from scratch may need more time and effort and money, which should be the next step after validating the market first :)

If you are keen, then you can use either:

  • Strikingly
  • Wix


William Ng
William Ng
Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 11 May 2019

It’s depends on your budget. I once started with Shopify, it’s user friendly and with payment gateway. Perhaps you want to take a look.