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Asked on 11 Aug 2018

How much does a financial blogger make monthly?

Understand it may differs month on month. But curious for a range and what factors contribute the difference


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Ng Lip Hong Kyith
Ng Lip Hong Kyith, Chief Editor at Investment Moats
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 22 Aug 2018

It depends on a few metrics there are diffierent ways of monetization. If you have a blog that is based on readerships, pageviews, then you want to have as high page views as possible. The usual way of monetizing that is through contextual advertising or google adsense. There are other advertising platforms as well, and instead of going by clicks (for adsense) they go by cost per 1000 impressions.

For those that are wildly popular, they typically take up sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing. for those in teh industry they might be able to deconstruct how much is earned.

In my case the sponsored posts dwarfs the other form of advertising. But generally advertising is not a good model to go because to be very profitable, you got to up your rates (you need to be more popular and have more outreach) or you got to do more volumes.

Your readers would have time wonder if you become financially free by living through them, or because of what you write about.

So usually, most that are viable evolve to become a business based on credit cards, bank related promotions, or selling courses that teaches you some value added stuff. Dollars and Sense, MoneySmart, Dr Wealth, Fifth Person are some that comes to mind. They are not so much bloggers anymore, they are a business.

Contrary to what people think, my income is a good to have. I certainly can't pay my annual survival expenses on the income i make.

Due to the sponsored posts, it depends on the economy and whether people contact me. So it tends to be lumpy.