How long does it take you to earn your first $100K? What would you do differently, if you could, to quicken the process? - Seedly
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Asked on 19 Jan 2019

How long does it take you to earn your first $100K? What would you do differently, if you could, to quicken the process?


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Luke Ho
Luke Ho, Money Maverick at Money Maverick
Level 7. Grand Master
Updated on 07 Jun 2019

It took slightly under a year. I'm 26 years old.

And it wasn't worth it.

This was a goal I pursued because I had a lot to prove. I had no gifts or full time job experience. I was repeatedly told I was not good enough to be a teacher, despite 8 years of being in Education. I would redo a lot of it.

I work as a Financial Consultant. The fact I made that much money might fulfill some stereotypes, but I don't flex my money since it's mostly invested now.

I was working about 12 - 14 hours a day for about 90 - 100 hours a week. I would do this anywhere from 3 weeks to a month half before crashing.

I opened up some side gigs. Tuition, teaching dance, business consultancy. I didn't have connections, sales skills or financial background, so I had to work very very hard to do well in my line. Even then, it was considered pretty bad, which is why I had to do all those side gigs in the first place.

After 12kg gain, falling sick 9 times that year and saving scraps and living off vouchers at one point, I made it.


What would I do differently...pretty much everything.

Be more efficient: To quicken the process, I would ask futurre me how to efficiently do certain things. To avoid reading things that were unnecessary, to avoid pressing clients who didnt need or want to be pressed, to practice more instead of bull-charging into business without a solid business plan...

Better my craft: I would become better at my craft, which I am now (and continuing to be so I dont become complacent) and value my time more. Some things were wasted because I didn't better my craft, but spent time trying to get people to try it on rather than working on myself.

Value myself and my time: Once people today see I value my time, they give me less crap. And more opportunities open up once you close some doors. So I'm not as stressed as before, and I also make more money.

Rest more: Because compromising your health and lifespan for wealth can be really stupid. If I had rested 2 hours more and worked 2 hours less, I'd probably have made more money instead of stressing, making poor pitches, being tired and depressed at many points...

Invest earlier: Everyone says this. But this was 2017. It means a LOT.

Ask for help: Not ask for money or plead for people to buy stuff from you, but...I needed to ask for help more. I thought it would look bad, but I should have cared more about delivering better results than appearing like I had good results. That's the mistake many financial planners and entrepreneurs and rich people make today.

Sometimes I would work so hard that I would start crying for no reason. It would be very alarming and my subconscious was clearly trying to tell me something.

I hope that helps you.

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ūüĎć 1
Question Poster

11 Feb 2019

Thanks for sharing. You're right. Wealth will never be more important than health.