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Asked on 04 Jul 2019

How does CPF DPS Distribution work?

Hi guys, I have some doubts regarding the CPF DPS. My dad passed away when I was still a minor and I was told I will get 30% and my mum will get 70% from DPS. If my mum remarries and passes, does her husband gets all the CPF balances and DPS money too?


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Her DPS proceeds will be distributed according to the DPS nomination, which itself is seperate from her CPF nomination. So it all depends on who she nominates.

If no nomination is made, then DPS proceeds will be paid to the proper claimant. CPF monies distribution will follow the Interstate Succession Act if no nomination is made.

For peace of mind, please advice your mom to make a nomination and a will.


Question Poster

05 Jul 2019

Thanks for sharing. Just to clarify, the DPS will be paid to the proper claimant if no nomination made. What do you mean by proper claimant? Does it mean for example, the husband can make a full claim of the DPS since he is the spouse?
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee

09 Jul 2019

A Proper Claimant is usually the deceased's immediate family member (e.g. spouse, parent, child or sibling). The Proper Claimant can also be the executor of a will or the administrator of the deceased's estate.