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Daniel Lee

Posted on 10 Dec 2018

How do you save up for trips?

For those of you who like to travel, how do you save up for trips? How often do you travel? Any best practices to share? :)


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Javier Lim

Javier Lim

Level 7. Genius

Updated on 27 Jul 2019

Thats a really interesting question, One of my friend saves all the coins he has from the loose change he gets daily. Over a year or two it added up to quite a substantial amount. But of course just saving loose change isn't enough for overseas travel, maybe you can use this method to help subsidise your expenditures during your trip.



Personally, I have a spreadsheet that tracks a few things:

  1. My main & side (if any) income for the month

  2. My expenses for the month, categorised into their respective categories, such as insurance, parents, daily expenses. I also set aside a small amount each month for travelling overseas.

  3. An amount I am setting aside for savings for the month.

  4. An amount I am setting aside for investments for the month.

At the end of the spreadsheet, I have some cells telling me how much I have saved / put aside for investments, and how much money i have put aside for travelling so far.

So that's how i save up for trips! :)

I try to travel at least twice a year!


Yong Kah Hwee

Yong Kah Hwee

10 Dec 2018

Also, try to plan your own trips instead of booking tour packages!

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

11 Dec 2018

Oh cool, maybe I should start keeping a spreadsheet too. The only issue is I probably won't stick to it after a couple of months, haha! Perhaps using the Seedly app will help too. Will try to do so for 2019! And yeah! Totally agree that should plan your own trips too, tour packages are really very much more expensive.


Fong Kin Fai

Fong Kin Fai

Level 5. Wonderkid

Updated on 29 Jul 2019

Depends on your travel destinations.

These days I use budget airlines such as scoot and being travel...

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