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How do you prevent others from stealing your ideas?

If your company has just started, how do you prevent larger, more well-established companies from stealing your ideas? especially if they have the resources to get the product up and running extremely quickly.


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Junus Eu
Junus Eu
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In all tages, execution ALWAYS matters more than ideas. Ideas are cheap/free - what matters is the courage, dedication and grit to see your business through. Unless you're launching a bio-tech company, or a business in industries where protecting intellectual property is absolutely key.

It is true that well-funded companies can easily swoop in to copy business models, and pump huge marketing resources into it. As such, you must know your secret sauce. Like David and Goliath, make the weakness of the giant your strength.



Apply for copyright, patent, trademark, intellectual property rights (depending on your ideas). You may include worldwide coverage to this end.

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