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Posted on 26 Nov 2019

How do you know what to do if you FIRE?

Been saving up for quite some time. Can afford to FIRE on very minimal expenses, probably in a few years. Work is sometimes very tiring, but I don’t know what to do if I FIRE.


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Tan Siak Lim

Tan Siak Lim

Level 8. Genius

Posted on 03 Dec 2019

The idea of retiring early is just silly, yet so many people got so fancinated by it. All the hobbies, travel, read books can happen concurrently while working. It's crazy to do that full time. Besides, work gives a person a sense of purpose, achievement and contribution to humanity and society. Most successful people we know works into the 80s and beyond. The real problem is not that you need FIRE, but rather you need work that is meaningful, challenging and rewarding, then you don't want to FIRE.


Hariz Arthur Maloy

Hariz Arthur Maloy

03 Dec 2019

Absolutely! I love FI, hate RE. Leaving so much money on the table by retiring early.

Tan Siak Lim

Tan Siak Lim

03 Dec 2019

Yes, we want to achieve FI as early as possible, but work as long as possible. Those people who wants RE are really because they don't find meaning in their jobs. The solution is not retirement, but rather, find some meaningful and rewarding to do.


Pursue fulfilment in life.

Find more hobbies and learn.

I want to learn cooking, tea ceremony, visit more countries.



I have a bookshelf of unread books waiting for me... I know what to do...

Besdies that, I have a b...

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