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How do you grow a small scale home-based business in the middle of a pandemic?

I'm helping my mother build a small business at home as a side hustle. She has incredible passion for baking. We offer authentic Filipino bread with a local twist.

We managed to get about $900 in sales in the past 2 months since the start of phase 2 in June. But future is so uncertain.

I came from a design school with no background in business or finance. Learning everything on my own atm. Hope to get some guidance. I am contactable anytime through the links on my profile. Thanks in advance.


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Kristerbel Pang
Kristerbel Pang
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered 2w ago

Hi there, I think that most importantly this business must value-add to consumers. After all, the most important thing is that there is demand for the product/service that you are offering, pandemic or not. Thereafter, I think that moving your business online will help greatly given the limited interactions available these days. Since the business is home-based, online marketing will definitely help to raise awareness and outreach for your business!!

There is a digital marketing course offered by Smartcademy which is conducted real-time by industry experts! I found it very informative and thing it will definitely be of help to you. Do check it out and all the best (:

p.s. there is funding support for this course!!


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