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Asked on 13 Nov 2019

How do you actually check whether OCBC is giving the right bonus for OCBC 360 account?

Looking at a Seedly article talking about best saving accounts in Singapore, notice that they have indicated different criteria to achieve the bonus.

Salary - 1.2%

Spent - 0.30%

Step Up - 0.30%

Wealth - 0.60%

Grow - 1%

Boost - 1%

This comes to my mind that how to calculate based on the percentage given. Is it my salary that bank multiply by 1.2%? Then how abt spending use CC and the rest?

As I have used the 360 OCBC interest website but is not accurate as I refer back to my bank statement.


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Hi anon,

If you qualify for the criteria, then the interest should be calculated on your average daily balance and paid monthly. So, if you've already credited your salary of more than $2000/mth, then you will be eligible for the 1.2% and they'll calculate accordingly and credit it next month. The issue then is how to calculate your average daily balance.

Most of the bonus categories are quite straight forward. The only tricky bit is the step up interest, because I use OCBC 360 myself, and I can neve quite get the figure for the 'increase' in average daily balance (which must be more than $500). So to make things safe, I just increase my balance by at least $1000 a month.


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13 Nov 2019

Hi Elijah Lee, thanks for your detailed explanation. Just to check the average daily balance for this mean my previous balance + current balance divided by 2?
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee

16 Nov 2019

Hi QP, logically I should think that it would be (balance on day 1 + balance on day 2 + …. balance on last day)/(number of days in a month) but this will really be on OCBC to define.

The interest rate is applied to your bank account balance not your salary/credit card spend.


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