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Asked by Banana

Asked on 19 Apr 2019

How do I use the cash wallet function?

I understand it's a budgeting tool but don't understand the Cash/Credit Card/Investment/Loan etc options. Thanks in advance!


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Shaun Wq Lim
Level 6. Master
Answered on 20 Apr 2019

I usually use the manual Cash Wallet function to track my expenses that I have paid with cash and also to set a cash budget. Meaning I pre-fill the amount in the wallet and the expenses will draw down from that amount.

For the rest, it’s automatically assigned when you sync Seedly to your bank accounts.

For example, in my OCBC accounts, I would have

  1. A savings account entry (OCBC 360)

  2. A credit card entry (OCBC 365)

  3. An investment entry (OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan)

  4. A loan entry (OCBC EasiCredit)

You can also set up manual(self-created) accounts for each of the categories too.

I have used

  1. A manual Loan account to track my CPF Education Loan

  2. Manual Insurance accounts to track my CPF Special Account and Medisave Account

  1. Manual Cash account to track my emergency fund

Hope the information is helpful!