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Asked by Anonymous

Asked on 09 Apr 2019

How do I plan for a miles redemption with points accumulated for Krisflyer/Asia miles?

How do I plan for miles redemption? I have some points with Alaska frequent flyer too


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If you have enough miles, you'll need to find award space first on the route you plan to fly. This can be tricky, so be flexible with your travel dates. Be flexible with your routing. This can make finding a suitable flight a lot easier.

Once you have found award space on a suitable date, just perform your redemption and get your flight ticketed and you will be good to go.

Alaska Miles can be useful if KF or Asia Miles don't have an option to fly to where you want to go. There are some sweet spots for that as well.


Choon Yuan Chan
Choon Yuan Chan
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Answered on 07 Dec 2019

You need to know where you intend to travel first. Then calculate the miles needed. Look up for any sign up promotion for credit cards of banks you do not own, plan your expenditure so that you can eat the sign up promoiton criteria to get the miles.

You really need to plan your ependiture to optimis miles accumulation



Decide what you want to do and do a backward calculation. From there, you will have a goal on how many points you need to achieve your goal.

Personally, I use an excel sheet to track all these points.

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Mudit Mittal
Mudit Mittal
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Answered on 03 Dec 2019

Different airline have different criteria for miles redemption & miles required for redeeming an airline ticket. Best is SIA as there miles can be redeemed in many ways like.

  • you can redeem them on Krishop

  • you can convert them to Kris Pay Miles & use them on many retail merchants

  • You can redeem them in buying scoot flights.