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How do I begin investing on REITS?

Totally new to real estate

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    • Kenichi Xi
      Kenichi Xi, nᴉʍ oʇ dǝnᴉʇsǝd 不能说的秘密 at Tag Team with Gabriel Tham
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      Answered on 15 Sep 2018

      How do I begin investing on REITS?

      One must know REITS is Real Estate Investment Trust and it comprises of different sectors.

      DO not confuse BUSINESS TRUST as REITS just because they have a common term which is "TRUST"

      To Begin Investing in REITS, one must be willing to read the Annual Report and Understand they type of Property that are in the REITs.

      To make it simple to understand, is the property making good money and are the money paid out to shareholders fairly or most revenue are taken by the REITS Manager.

      How sustainable are the income generating assest and what problems they are facing.

      With this in mind, you can start checking out the figures and make wiser decision.

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    • Jonathan Chia Guangrong
      Jonathan Chia Guangrong, Fund Manager at JCG Fund

      Top Contributor (Jan)

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      Answered on 15 Sep 2018

      Mm perhaps some basic understanding first. Reits pay out 90% or more of the income as distribution, typically once a quarter or every 6 months, and their borrowings cannot be more than 45%. Comprise of different sectors such as retail (shopping malls), industrial, health care (hospitals), data centres, commercial (office buildings). Depending on your preference on the sector, there's also sponsors to look at, such as capitaland, mapletree, Frasers, etc. Typical yields for reits go from 5+% to about 7+%, depending on the sector and counter chosen. Try to chasing those with high yields, as there's usually a reason to avoid them eg country and currency weakness (not all reits are based 100% based in Singapore). Do some research (lots of material out there, even on seedly blog) and decide on the counter to buy into. To embark on your reits journey, you will need to open a brokerage account and also cdp account. Think of the latter as a bank to store your shares. Once done, you can start buying reits. You can also consider using something like maybank ke's monthly investment plan to buy a minimum of $100 worth of shares of a reit. Wide selection available. All the best in your reit journey

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    Jason Sin
    Jason Sin
    329 Answers, 419 Upvotes
    16 Sep 2018

    Open a brokerage account and a CDP account. Do your homework before investing in REITS.

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