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Asked on 31 Oct 2019

How can we go about getting grants for our businesses in Singapore?

  1. Must we have an existing, registered business to do so?

  2. What if I have an idea that I would like to test? Are there any programmes and grants available for me to test those?


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Carmen Yeo
Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 07 Nov 2019

Hello from ACE!

To add on,

  1. ACE conducts a grant briefing every 1st Friday of the month. Find out more at our next session on 6 Dec -

  2. We also have a 4 weeks’ programme called BACE CAMP for early stage startups. We have startups who pivoted halfway during the programme after advice from mentors and partners. You may write to [email protected] to find out more.

*We do recommend our startups for the Startup SG Founder Grant upon successful completion of the BACE CAMP programme

Hope this helps!


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Question Poster

17 Nov 2019

Hello ACE! Thank you for your answer. How do you guys define 'Early stage start-ups'? What if I have an idea, but I have not started on any formal projects? Am I still eligible for the BACE CAMP programme?
Rachel Yeo
Rachel Yeo

17 Nov 2019

Hi Carmen! That's good to know! :) For the grant briefing, is there other ways entrepreneurs can actually find out more, should they miss the Friday session? :)
Adrian Goh Jun Wei
Adrian Goh Jun Wei, Product at Nodeflair
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 02 Nov 2019

Background: founded NodeFlair 1+ year back and received the Startup SG Founder grant (ACE)

1) Yes, you need to register a company before you are able to receive the grant

2) That would depend on your definition of "testing". When we first started, we have a working prototype (or a more polished MVP) and we are able to apply for it as there's some form of validation already.

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Rachel Yeo
Rachel Yeo

17 Nov 2019

This is helpful Adrian! Thanks for giving us more insights on this! :)