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Asked by Terng Shing Chen

Asked on 29 Oct 2018

How can I save more money on my healthcare, if I am someone without good insurance like a freelancer or international student?

I am currently freelancing most of the time and don't have corporate insurance. When I see a doctor or go for a checkup, it can be quite expensive. How can someone like me or an international student, go to a doctor without having to pay so much?


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The simple and immediate solution is to eat healthier, exercise regularly, sleep properly.

Just with these, I'm pretty sure you'll fall sick much less often, and thus save on the medical bills. If you really fall sick still, then make sure to go to a poly clinic (if you are a freelancing local) rather than private ones, even though the queue and the service there can be much better.

Other than these, for illnesses that you may not be able to prevent, or accidents, being accidents, its definitely better to get your own insurance, and get it early. It's better to pay a small amount, to negate the risk of paying a huge amount, than save on the small payments, and if anything happens, end up having to pay a huge amount.

This is especially true if you have people you are providing for, or just family memebrs. You wouldn't want your lack of coverage to cause them to have to pay your medical bills.



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Leong Wen Fong
Leong Wen Fong

30 Oct 2018

GetDoc plus gives you more options, and it's true that the rates for private clinics are lower. However if you do a side by side comparison to polyclinics, polyclinics are still definitely cheaper! I think you can get that if you are either a foreigner or you have those said clinics near your house. Or if you want the convenience. If not, polyclinics are probably still the way to go!
Jacob Phan
Jacob Phan

30 Oct 2018

yeah dude just check if there'res gd+ docs near you. if you ain't keen to wait it's only a couple of bucks more ex than polys i think
Good Day Every Day
Good Day Every Day
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Answered on 30 Nov 2018

You need to ensure you have a basic medical insurance and health insurance. This is to protect your income when you fall sick.


Brandan Chen
Brandan Chen, Financial Planner at Manulife Singapore


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Answered on 29 Oct 2018

Wen Fong gave a very good answer and I am in agreement with her take on getting you own personal insurance.

If you are concerned about hefty medical bills, you can consider taking up health insurance. I am not sure if you are a local or PR, if so, you should consider upgrading your integrated shield plan. If you happen to be a foreigner, there are also health insurance specialised for you which is also cheaper than the cost of integrated shield plans.

You may read up more on the following link:

I am a representative of Manulife, so feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] should you want more information on this