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How can I begin my investment journey with limited funds?

I am keen to start investing. Where do you recommend i go to learn on investing.

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    • Isaac Chan
      Isaac Chan
      35 Answers, 58 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      Hi there! The answers given by the others are good and comprehensive

      But I would perhaps like to stress a point that the others might not have stressed yet, and that is, the learning of the fundamentals of any investment product. Yes, it is important to understand how REITs, bonds, and FX trading operates, but ultimately, it would be very helpful to understand what underlying factors affect the investment product you are looking at. Is it central bank interest rates? Is it a company’s earnings? Is it the trade war between US and China?

      Understanding how the investment products are affected by their fundamentals finally helps you to understand what kind of investment decisions to make, such as buying and selling, and how long to hold the products. Investment products, though are represented by numbers, are finally affected by real world events and happenings, and trying to understand what factors influence them is crucial. This also helps you to guard against panic buying and selling, and cautions you on being influenced by the herd mentality (“im going to buy this share because everyone seems to be buying it”)

      Such a learning task may seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of resources online, such as the website Investopedia, which offers some interesting insights into different asset classes. Perhaps focus on learning one asset class at a time, instead of rushing and feeling overwhelmed. Going head first and just buying and selling without much thinking is more akin to gambling than investing!

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    • Boonhow Eng
      Boonhow Eng
      11 Answers, 25 Upvotes
      Answered 3w ago

      reduce debt before investing. during this time, go to the library to borrow some books to read. if interest in to stocks/etf/real estate etc, find related books. get some basic knowledge first to prevent being scammed. too many people want to take your money out there.

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    Teo See Hwa
    Teo See Hwa
    44 Answers, 52 Upvotes
    06 Feb 2019

    Start with your Home, then think about Investing.

    If got limited fund, go for the two cherries as fast as possible.

    If fund is not a problem, salary allow, go private property instead of HDB.

    Land cost increase 100% in 7 years from 2010 to 2017 if you can have a return that much you should consider otherwise get in the Boat.

    Still don't understand pm me.

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