facebookHi, I’m looking for budget mooncakes since mid-autumn festival is coming up, but those from hotels are a bit out of budget. Any recommendations? - Seedly
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18 Sep 2020

Hi, I’m looking for budget mooncakes since mid-autumn festival is coming up, but those from hotels are a bit out of budget. Any recommendations?


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    Lim Chun Long Jimmy

    Lim Chun Long Jimmy

    08 Sep 2020

    Level 10·Co-founder at PolicyWoke (resale savings plans broker)


    For healthier choice mooncakes, can consider Delcies's. From the website, I believe the lowest cost one is the "4 Mooncakes Box Set – Cane Sugar Free Spiral Flaky Skin Pandan Mooncake" for $58 ($14.50 each).





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      08 Sep 2020

      Level 13·Digital Marketing Associate at Seedly

      Hey anon!

      Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Mooncake Festival) is a time of reunion for families. So no worries where your mooncakes are from! As long as the family is together yeah! 😌

      Here are some mooncakes you can easily buy from nearby supermarkets at a reasonable price!

      The prices below are compared across a box Lotus Paste with Single Yolk (4 pcs).

      1. Mac Taste - $21.00 (Giant)

      Source: Giant

      Mac Taste would be the cheapest at $21 for a box of 4 weighing 720g.

      Mac Taste, is one of Singapore’s largest manufacturers and wholesaler of bread and baked goods. Their range of in-house specialties include traditional Chinese pastries, breads, favoured buns, cakes, Chinese festive products and Raya cookies, all of which are available in major supermarkets. Bet you didn’t know that (because neither did I)!

      Their factories are also both Halal certified and HACCP-certified across Singapore and Malaysia.

      2. Tai Thong - $27.50 (Giant)

      Source: Giant

      At $27.50 for a box of 4 weighing 720g, Tai Thong actually loosely to “everyone agrees” in Mandarin?

      (Correct me if I’m wrong but) I believe these are from the Tai Thong Group in Malaysia and not the Tai Thong Cake Shop at 35 Mosque St.

      Nevertheless they’re still fairly affordable!

      3. Gin Thye - $26.90 (NTUC)

      Source: NTUC

      A box of 4 weighing 500g (not too sure about the weight, couldn’t find it anywhere except from Robinsons website) would cost $26.90.

      Gin Thye is a famous Asian bakery, a well-regarded traditional brand recognised by the National Heritage Board of Singapore. Apart from their pastries, they’re well known for their wedding packages as well.

      And of course there’s more to mid-autumn than just eating mooncakes!

      Source: China Highlights

      🏮 It’s a great time to gather as a family for a reunion dinner, playing with lanterns especially with the little ones, or simply just admiring the moon!

      🍵 Remember to sip on some tea to help digest those high-calorie mooncakes! 🥮

      Hope everyone has a meaningful mid-autumn festival! 🌕​​​




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        There are still offers on Shopee and ShopBack

        On Shopee for example:

        2 boxes of 4 Gin Thye Flaky ...

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