Hi. I have a whole life insurance and hospital plan (with exclusion for stomach). Recently, I found out that I had a fibroadenoma around my chest area. Is there a need to buy more CI plans? - Seedly
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Asked on 01 Jun 2020

Hi. I have a whole life insurance and hospital plan (with exclusion for stomach). Recently, I found out that I had a fibroadenoma around my chest area. Is there a need to buy more CI plans?

Is there a need to buy more CI plans as from my knowledge, once u make a claim, the whole life is gone


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Hey there!

Sorry to hear about your situation.

In general, CI plans (nowadays, and mostly) are multi-pay. They account for relapses and multiple CI-occurrences. You can try and submit a CI plan application for preliminary underwriting but do take note that you might have either an exclusion, a loading (added premiums) or be rejected completely for your application.

Financial planning is an integral part of life. You can reach me here to find out more.


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Hi anon,

If the rider for your whole life insurance plan fully accelerates the sum assured, then yes, if you make a claim, the plan ends.

However, you should get more CI cover only if your needs change and you need more coverage. If you do indeed need more coverage due to changes in expenses, life stage events, etc, then you will want to apply for CI cover. You can consider doing a prelim underwriting first, or a parallel submission to multiple insurers to see which insurer is has the most favourable terms.

However, I will caution that chances are low that they will still cover breast cancer. As an example, I had a client with a benign lump on her thyroid, and she was excluded all early till late thyroid cancer coverage after the underwriting, except for the last company which only excluded early thyroid cancer but was willing to cover late stage. She went with the last company. Don't lose hope. There might still be a chance.


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It really depends on what kind of CI policy you're holding on to. Moreover, "need" to buy also depends on how much coverage you currently have and your outstanding liabilities (inc. family support).

Unforutnately, it may be rather challenging to take up more with a medical condition. Getting past the underwriter would be rather difficult. The company may or may not accept you, and if they do it may come with exclusions on certain conditions Or additional premium may be added. Which is why we always encourage people to get it while they're younger and healthier!


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The whole life is gone only if the critical illness provision is an accelerated benefit; and your critical illness benefit matches your death/disability benefit.

You can calculate your life insurance requirements here:


You will have to declare your medication condition and be subjected to conditional offerings for insurance.​​​


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Insurance Portfolio

Firstly, one of the most important things to do is to have a complete understanding of your existing insurance portfolio. Through this process, it allows us to understand the coverage that we have, any financial gap, as well as to find out whether we are overpaying for our insurance policies.

Key Reasons Why:

Why Every Client needs an Insurance Policy Summary

At the same time, it gives us more details regarding the whole life insurance policy that you have. With these details, we will be able to determine whether the policy will be terminated upon a claim.

How much insurance coverage should You have?

As a general rule,

10% to 20% of your annual income on healthcare insurance and life insurance

Basic Life Cover = 10 times your annual income

Critical Illness Coverage = 5 times your annual income

Together with your insurance portfolio summary, we will evaluate whether you are adequately insured to this end. However, it must be remembered that the insurance company may impose sub-standard conditions when you have a pre-existing medical condition.

For this purpose, it will be important to have a more detailed understanding regarding your medical condition. This helps us to make a better evaluation on your situation.

In summary, we need to find out the exact details of your insurance policies. Thereafter, we will be able to make a responsible decision on whether you need more coverage. If no, then you are fine. If yes, then we need to discuss on how to submit an application and to get an approval.

I share quality content on estate planning and financial planning here.


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