Hi, how I can save money and make money while in university? Really thinking of getting through university without relying on my parents as I don't wish to add on to their expenses? - Seedly
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Asked on 29 Mar 2019

Hi, how I can save money and make money while in university? Really thinking of getting through university without relying on my parents as I don't wish to add on to their expenses?

Gonna study business in NTU this coming August. Applied for scholarship but with poor A-level results, I doubt I might be able to get it. Heard of tuition fee subsidies which might help in a way. Many thanks to all the valuable advices in advance!


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Junus Eu
Junus Eu
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 02 Apr 2019

Here's what I did:

  1. Get an internship that pays and allows flexible hours.

  2. Give private tuition in the evenings and weekends.

  3. Save on your spending. With all the time you are spending working, giving tuition and studying, it is not likely that you have time for recreational activities.

That was in a nutshell my life throughout my uni years. I would study from 12am to 3am for exams, sleep, then wake up to get to 830am class the next morning, and do my internship job remotely between lectures, then give private tuition from 7-10pm. Then I would have dinner, head home, and start studying again to 3am.

Thankfully it paid off - I got enough to cover my tuition fees, my living expenses and also with some savings left over!


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Paridhi Jhunjhunwala
Paridhi Jhunjhunwala, Associate at Kristal.AI
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 14 Nov 2019


The first option that you have is to take up a paid internship, but this will consume a significant amount of your time and you may not have too much spare time while pursuing your course.

The other option is to make some investments and earn a good return. You can make use of a robo-advisor, which will develop an optimal portfolio for you based on your financial goals and risk appetite.

I work at Kristal.AI, and it's my passion to evaluate various upcoming investment opportunities.


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Yeo Enk Loui
Yeo Enk Loui
Level 6. Master
Answered on 29 Mar 2019

Hey there!

Here are a few tips that I can think of right off the bat:

1) Find a part-time gig such as private tuition; I currently have two tutees and the fees are enough to cover my weekly expenses

2) Adopt the habit of not spending money on soft drinks; I think this one way you can cut down on your expenses without feeling like you are compromising on your lunch! A little goes a long way

3) Apply for scholarships/bursaries

4) Get into the habit of tracking your expenses; it creates accountability and subconsciously compels you to save more money

5) Go for school-based surveys/experiments; they usually reimburse you with a small sum of money for your time! It's a good way to earn a quick buck in between your lessons!

6) If you stay in hall/dormitory, minimise expenditure on food by eating in the dining hall more often

7) Apply for internships over the holidays; you gain both experience and allowance

8) Utilise school facilities such as the gym so that you won't need to spend it on external facilities

Hope that helps, and all the best for your future endeavors in NTU! :)


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Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 07 Dec 2019

NTU often sends out emails offering part time work that requests for student helpers. Being a research university, there are many professors that seek to conduct studies and are willing to pay students to participate in their experiments, depending on the duration. Do check your student email from time to time!


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Hey there! It is definitely possible as I completed mine the same way! Here is what I did:

  1. Timetable

Always plan your timetable properly. Assuming that the system hasn't changed, you are always able to know the timings for the modules before you bid for it. As a result, try to plan your schedule in a way such that you have more free days whenever possible.

Thereupon, you can use the free days to work part-time, e.g. barista at Starbucks

  1. Tuition

Consider using what you know and put it to good use by teaching tuition. It doesn't matter whether it is at a tuition centre or private tutor. So long as it pays, go for it. It can be academic subject across any level.

  1. Holiday

Maximise the value of your holiday by either working part-time for a month or to use the time to take up extra modules to graduate earlier.

  1. Cashflow

All things considered, it will always be valued to have a complete understanding on our cashflow. Through this process, we will understand our earning ability and spending habit. Here is a guide to help you: https://www.blog.pzl.sg/understanding-your-personal-cash-flow/

This way, we can understand our earning ability and try to maximise it whenever possible (e.g. during holiday) and to reduce your expenses whenever possible.

  1. Budget

Create a budget that is capable of helping you to plan for your school. The best way to do this is via automation and this is how I do mine: https://www.blog.pzl.sg/how-to-create-a-monthly-budget/

With all these done, I am pretty confident that you will survive well. By the way, my maximum allowance that I have set for myself was $350 monthly back then. See if you can beat mine! 😉

Here is everything about me and what I do best.


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Jayden Lee
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 09 Dec 2019

Internships - gain experience & some extra cash (best of both worlds!)

Be a private tutor

Be a part time/weekend event promoter

Get a long term part time/weekend role - such as telemarketer, clinic assistant, sales assistant

Eat out lesser

Do freelance projects - if you have a certain skill, such as designing, web coding or photography

Be a tour guide during weekends or school holidays ​​​


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Lilian Loke
Lilian Loke
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 15 Nov 2019

I had my meals mostly within the university compound and food expenses were low. For the semester I would work part time. During the holidays, I would look for full time internships in industries I am interested in. So I can earn money and beef up my resume. As a result of one of my internships, I received a full time offer before even graduating.


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Yong Kah Hwee
Yong Kah Hwee
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 29 Mar 2019

Hi! You can consider giving tuition. They are very lucrative!

If you have any talents, such as design/piano/etc, you can consider teaching in these areas too!

Alternatively, pick up a skill, such as life saving or photography, and then get a job related to it!


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