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Hey guys! In this time of WC, I would just like to bring about a general question which I'm sure everyone has at least come across once before: How do you guys deal with monetary losses, be it from stock investing, gambling, wrong purchase decision?

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    • YY Yin Yu
      15 Answers, 31 Upvotes
      Answered on 23 Jul 2018

      Stock investing:

      That's part of the learning process in investing. Infact, this makes me realise that i need to learn more.

      Understand that it is a "wiser choice" to minimise sunk cost as early as possible, then you will feel better


      Everyone knows that the chances of winning is not high and it does highly depends on luck. So pre-condition yourself not to feel sad about losing gambling money

      Wrong Puchase Decision:

      It happens, resell it or give it away (can consider as a charity act :p )

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    • Ck Chai
      68 Answers, 97 Upvotes
      Answered on 23 Jul 2018

      Accept it, learn from the mistake and move forward... What's done cannot be undo.

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    Isabella Jo
    48 Answers, 72 Upvotes
    21 Jul 2018

    Accept it and move on. Learn why it happened and take it as a course fee.

    Good luck!

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