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Asked by Anonymous

Asked on 26 Nov 2019

Have you gotten your 100,000 miles sign up bonus yet for your SCB X card?

I read on the Milelion that there are different people that gotten their sign up bonus, but I havent gotten mine yet, will keep checking. What should I do now? And do you plan to cancel your card as well after this sign up bonus?


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Hi anon,

Nope, have yet to get mine. A client of mine did get his, he was notifed by SMS. Don't worry. The deadline is 2359 30 Nov, and the last thing SCB wants is a flood of calls from customers asking where their reward points are.

Not much to do other than wait.

I don't plan to cancel yet. Have yet to utilize the 2 x priority pass. I'll wait till June 2020 to see if the SCB team comes up with anything compelling for us to keep the card. My personal wishlist is an unlimited priority pass with guesting privileges, 1.5/2.4 mpd (their FX charges are the highest in the market, they should reward us more), a limo transfer with every $3K spent, 35K miles upon renewal and fee-less transfer of reward points to FFPs....did I hope for too much? (haha)

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Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee

05 Dec 2019

OK, mine are in!
Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong, Founder at The Milelion
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Answered on 28 Nov 2019

SCB has until 30 November 2019 to credit X Card bonuses for those on the 100,000 miles scheme. Based on what I'm reading online and on our social media channels, bonuses are still coming in, so I'd sit tight until 30 November has passed.

After that, then yes- I think you should really give them a call. Even if you call right now, you'll probably be told to wait till 2359 on 30 November.

Sit tight.


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Answered on 04 Dec 2019

This looks like an old question so hoping you have already gotten yours.

If you haven't, I would call the customer service.

If that doesn't work - I've realized that the relationship managers have quite a bit of influence. Incase you have one, I'd call him/her



Check with the customer service on when the miles will be credited.

Since the card does not provide significantly better value as compared to my existing cards, I may cancel it a year later.

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