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Asked on 18 Sep 2019

Given HK's situation: should we buy, sell or hold Hang Seng Index?

What should we keep in consideration?


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Samuel Lim
Samuel Lim
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 19 Sep 2019

Once there was a man who wanted to buy a car. He went to the car showroom and asked the car salesman "Should I buy this Mercedes?"

This particular car salesman, being an honest fella who was not one to push a sale on someone just because they looked a bit clueless, looked him in the eye and said:

"How would I know? How can I recommend any model without knowing your needs, your intended purpose for buying a car, and your current financial situation? Let's sit down first and discuss all these, and only then can I have an accurate picture of your situation and recommend an appropriate model that suits your needs. Otherwise, I will just be giving empty suggestions to you that does not suit you, or worse still, create more problems for you rather than helping you."

The same goes for any advice about whether to buy, sell or hold any stock. One should take into account one's own investment goals, situation and strategy, and use them to evaluate any investment advice or recommendation before adopting them.


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I don't have exposure to HK stocks nor do I Intend to (mostly because I prefer USA stocks)

If I am to select only buy/sell/hold, I will prefer to hold currently. Hang Sang has dropped so much.

But I won't add a position or buy. In the long run, I think the money has better potential to grow elsewhere.

Shanghai and Shenzhen would be fantastic. ;)


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