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Posted on 17 Jul 2020

Does Singlife have any referral code or fees?

Harry Lee


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Harry Lee

Harry Lee

Level 8. Genius

Updated on 02 Nov 2020


Hi all!

Offering to top-up S$3 on your $10 referral bonus via PayPal / PayLah/ PayNow if you use my referral link to sign up for a Singlife account! This will mean that you will receive $13 in bonuses if you use my code! You must use my link to register a Singlife account and order a debit card (it’s free) in order to get the referral bonus! Please e-mail me once you have completed along with your registered name, the date of creation and your phone number (PayLah / PayNow) or e-mail (PayPal) in order for me to release the funds to you!

Proven track record with referral codes! Do check my post history as you can see I have consistently been honorable in releasing such funds!

Please do ensure that you have followed the procedures to register for a Singlife account under my referral code as it is possible for you to lose your referral bonus altogether due to complications during registration (e.g. you downloaded the app not from my referral code, did not create application with referral code).

E-mail: [email protected]

Rap Sheet / Record: https://imgur.com/a/er7hNjk (CRO Visa Card), check my post history with positive comments from my referees!

Procedures: (please follow them!!)

Referral link: https://app.singlife.com/XcE8cQUjeab

(seems like Singlife gave me a new code?)

Referral link scan-me (QR): in case you are using a laptop, then scan with phone



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Harry Lee

Harry Lee

04 Oct 2020

Quick PSA: Unclaimed referral monies Hi all! Some of you have completed the referral and registered for a Singlife account (thank you for using my code!) but a worrying trend of you guys are not e-mailing me with your registered name, date of creation, phone number and method of payment for me to make payment to you! I have a few referees (who I will not disclose) who have yet to even e-mail me after completing their referrals and as a result, their referral bonuses had to be put on limbo. Please do make the effort to email me so that I can make the appropriate payments to the rightful and legitimate referees of my code! I don’t stand to benefit from anything by taking coffee money, and it is a gesture of goodwill and thanks for using my code to register for your Singlife account! If privacy is a legitimate issue that warrants the lack of correspondence, do email me and we can discuss on alternative payment methods for me to transfer the money to you! Rest assured that all personal information related to your accounts and registration will be destroyed after the completion of the transaction, and you can expect no further correspondence in the subject of this matter.

Harry Lee

Harry Lee

02 Nov 2020

PSA: Announcement of withdrawal of Singlife paid referral program I will be officially withdrawing the program for the Singlife paid referral code program from this post as of today, 2nd November 2020. Any outstanding referrals who have yet to e-mail from me, please do so before the end of this month so that I can finalize and process the remaining outstanding Singlife referral applications with my code (processing time expected to be a week as I need to correspond with Singlife). I may or may not entertain further inquiries after this date. As of 1st November 2020, I have corresponded with a Singlife representative who has confirmed with me that as of the commencement of Singlife V4.0, the Singlife Paid Referral Program, hosted by Singlife and Aviva, has been officially withdrawn from their program and that any further new registrations will no longer incur any new referral bonuses to either the referrer and the referee. Given the circumstances presented, there is no choice but to officially cease my referral bonus program as a result. I will still recommend the Singlife product to you all, since it barely beats inflation at 2.0% p.a. and that it is useful for young adults or university students seeking to get a high-yield savings account! I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of my referees out there, for taking the time and commitment to use my referral code to register for the Singlife account! It is indeed disappointing, but I'm sure this year's circumstances are difficult and there is no doubt that the banks are trying to make a run for their money as much as they can. :)


Hi you can join using my referral link for free $10!



ding feng

01 Aug 2020

Thank You!


08 Sep 2020

Hi, you can read my blog for singlife review and referral link https://sgreferralcodes.com/singlife-account-up-to-2-5p-a-insurance-savings-plan-referral-bonus-10/




Level 9. Genius

Updated on 04 Sep 2020

Hi you can join using my referral link for free $10! Must also opt for the debit card, to get refer...

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