Does online payment qualify for the minimum $6,000/$5,000 spend for 60,000/23,000 miles sign up bonus on the SCB Visa Infinite X Credit Card & AMEX Krisflyer Card? - Seedly


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Asked on 06 Dec 2019

Does online payment qualify for the minimum $6,000/$5,000 spend for 60,000/23,000 miles sign up bonus on the SCB Visa Infinite X Credit Card & AMEX Krisflyer Card?

I will be holding my wedding banquet at a hotel next year and I plan to make payment to book the venue using my SCB X card and AMEX Krisflyer credit card. Was informed by the hotel that they can send me a link to make the payment online instead of going to the hotel to make payment.

May I ask if making online payment would qualify for the minimum spend to get the bonus miles for the 2 credit cards above?

Also, would it be better to use the AMEX Krisflyer Ascend or the std AMEX Krisflyer card?


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Check the MCC code of the payment portal if possible.

If not, I would just pay at the hotel directly, this is 60K/23K miles we are talking about, so I wouldn't want to mess things up and fail to get my miles.

The Ascend is a better card in general, but your 3 year countdown starts once the miles are credited to your account. If you can't accumulate a critical mass to burn every once in a while, it may not be the best card for you.



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Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee

17 Dec 2019

Hi QP, sorry I missed out on your reply. I'll use the SCB X card twice if I could, (you and your fiance). If that is not possible, then SCB X card first. Unless the hotel needs you to put up more than a $6K deposit?
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19 Dec 2019

Hi Elijah, no worries. Thank you for bearing with me and your guidance. I would try to apply for the SCB card for my Fiance but as min. income is quite high, would hope it can be approved for her, allowing me to get a better rate for miles. Thank you!
Choon Yuan Chan
Choon Yuan Chan
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Answered on 06 Dec 2019

Not all online transactions are recognisied for SCB Standard infintie X card. As many has said, it depends on the MCC code.

Other examples include online bill payment. For example, Singtel bill payment online is not recognised under Standard Chatered X card, but is considered under AMEX krisflyer. The same also applies to Grab top up- Standard Chartered says no considered, but AMEX is considered

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06 Dec 2019

Thank you for your advice!

You have to find out the MCC from the merchant and ensures that it is not one of the exclusion from your credit cards' terms.

I will prefer KFA over the standard one.

Here is everything about me and what I do best.



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Pang Zhe Liang
Pang Zhe Liang

06 Dec 2019

In general, the card gives 0.1 more miles per dollar - this can add up pretty quickly depending on how much I spend. Additionally, there are various perks like Hilton Honors membership (if you travel and stay at their hotels) alongside with lounge access (I always go to the lounge whenever I travel). The rest of the benefits are minimal but yeah, I use quite a number of their perks.
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06 Dec 2019

I see! Thanks for sharing ◡̈
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Answered on 06 Dec 2019

It really depends on what kind of online payment are you referring to.

for example;

standard chartered x card wouldn't take in online payment for insurance or websites like cardup.

Amex is more liberal; you get 3.1miles for grab online but the downside is that most merchants do not accept Amex.

Each merchant carries a MCC Code. Do call up the banks to double check whether the MCC code earns miles

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Question Poster

06 Dec 2019

Thanks for the info. Seems that there are restrictions for payment online with these MCC codes. Better to pay direct at the hotel?