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Does Critical Illness Plan cover Diabetes?


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Generally, Diabetes is not one of the standard 37 medical conditions on Life Insurance Association Singapore's framework. Accordingly, it is usually not covered in most critical illness plans.

Despite that, there are some plans that cover Diabetes in certain situation. Examples of such plans include AIA Diabetes Care, AIA Power Critical Cover.

For this purpose, you may wish to research further, or to seek professional advice.

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Diabetes is not considered a Critical Illness condition. There is no pay-out for it. However, some Critical Illness Plans consist of a special pay-out called Special Benefits – which covers non-Critical Illness related conditions This includes diabetes complications. You can get 20% of your sum assured or $ 25,000 pay-out (it will not affect or accelerate your base sum assured) whichever is lower.

These are critical illness plans that provides coverage specifically for diabetes. They provide coverage for all types of diabetes, providing you the financial security should you be diagnosed with the illness. Some examples are Aviva Mycore CI, Manulife Critical SelectCare, and AIA Diabetes Care.

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