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Asked on 26 Oct 2019

Does anyone have good SingTel Dash hacks to share?

Since topping up seems to be excluded from cashback for most cards


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If you take public transport, you get 50% cashback for the first 10 transactions! Because SimplyGo rounds up your total spending on public transport each day, the 50% cashback will apply to 10 days of spending on public transport.

I spent about $1.50 x 2= $3 per day on train. 10 days will amount to $30. 50% cashback will mean I get $15 back. Cashback is credited on following day. Do note you have to use Apple Pay/Android Pay to be eligble for the promo. Promo ends 31 Mar 2021.


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Nicholas Chiam
Nicholas Chiam
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Answered 2w ago

If you are a Singtel user, you can top up your dash account from your Singtel bill. This means that you get advance credit for one month, and this amount will be charged on top of your Singtel bill in the next month.

max amount for top up is $200 and this could be an option for you to split your payments upfront over a few months for a big purchase.

since singtel bill is a telco under the mcc, it can be counted as online spend? Or it could be useful to increase your cash back in cards like Maybank F&F


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