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Posted on 16 Oct 2018

Do you think investing in SSB or temasek bond will be a better bet?

Have 1.5k to invest for the tranche in Nov. Am thinking whether to consider temasek bond now. Any advice?


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It highly depends on which you are comfortable with, SSB is government-backed bond and Temasek Bond being rated "Aaa" by Moody's is afterall still a corporate bond.


  • Returns - S$33.30 after 5 years (S$37.20 after 10 years)

  • Able to withdraw anytime, (within a month of processing time)

  • More details

Temasek Bond:

  • Returns - S$40.5 after 5 years

  • Cannot withdraw but you are able to sell back to the market in SGX (if there are buyers in the market and you might sell at a loss)

  • More details

If you're adventurous enough and want to try out Temasek Bond, you can put $1,000 into that and the remaining $500 into SSB because for Temasek Bond you can only invest in denominations of S$1,000.

Do ask yourself which you are most comfortable with, never invest in something that you don't believe in. Hope this helps! :)





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Updated on 07 Jun 2019

Can consider the Temasek bond instead as it gives 2.7% interest which is higher than what the Singapore Savings Bond is offering. Additionally, it's AAA-rated credit so it should be safe!


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Kenneth Lou

Kenneth Lou

17 Oct 2018

Hey @Question Poster: Nope I believe where you need to commit for the full 5 years for the full maturity of the bond issue.



17 Oct 2018

Hi, as Kenneth have mentioned above, you cannot withdraw like SSB so you'll have to make the choice of whether you prefer flexibility over returns or vice versa.


Neither for me.

Unless I am a retiree who has not enough time, I will not invest in such low yield ...

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