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Currently in my first year of work and have been investing 25% of my monthly take-home into POSB invest-saver & bonds (80% into STI ETF , 20% into SSB) and 25% into savings. Looking to diversify out of SG market once it hits $10k. Suggestions?

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    • James Yeo
      James Yeo
      22 Answers, 30 Upvotes
      Answered on 27 Jun 2018

      Hi, in my opinion, i think you want to seek some overseas exposure since u already have 80% in sti index.

      There are 3 easy ways. 1) DIY dollarcostaveraging - you can still invest overseas using maybank investment plan to nibble bit by bit (min. 100 every stock i think) 2) you can buy the overseas stocks outright through stock brokerages. Most of them cover US. Can opt for ifast for cheaper comm. 3) invest in mutual funds with global exposure (can see from fundsupermart too)

      Hope it helps. Cheers

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    • Kenneth Lou
      Kenneth Lou
      322 Answers, 768 Upvotes
      Answered on 27 Jun 2018

      Hi there! I think what you have now makes sense and is actually a pretty disciplined approach to this.

      What I would recommend you to do now is to actually read Jacky's answer here in this question. Let me highlight some parts of it:

      His first 2 years of investing:

      • US tech stocks for capital gain (super high risk)
      • balance risk of US tech stocks with p2p lending (medium risk)

      His hypothetical 2-5th year of investing (not there yet this is my 1st year only)

      • capital gain from tech stock slowly converted to SG Reits for future dividend portfolio (medium to low risk)

      His hypothetical 5th - 10 year of investing

      • slowly build up dividend portfolio and waiting for dividend to compound the returns (medium to low risk)
      • CPF should have some money (low risk)
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    Kelvid Pang
    Kelvid Pang
    3 Answers, 4 Upvotes
    24 Sep 2018

    You may consider SPDR S&P 500 ETF which listed in SGX...

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