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Asked 3w ago

Credit card miles for Pregnancy costs?

I have been trying to do some research on whether I could get miles for pregnancy costs (e.g. delivery costs, checkups etc). I found this moneysmart article which recommends Citi Rewards ( but based on this seedly q&a ( it seems that hospital bills are excluded.

Does anyone know for sure :) ?


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Brian Y
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 3d ago

Hospital bills are generally excluded from spending - except for AMEX KF cards IIRC. However for now I still use Grabpay Mastercard (topped up using DBS Altitude) for any hospital bills, despite its more mediorcre earn rate now...something is better than nothing I guess? Hope it helps


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Hi Anon!

I've just looked through the T&Cs for the Citi Rewards Visa Card, unfortunately, the 10x points (4.0mpd) promotion does not include spend for hospital bills. The MoneySmart article which you referenced was selling you this card due to the 10x points promotion for shopping and ride-sharing. It's a shame, but most miles cards will actually remove Hospital Bills as a qualifying spend for promotions.

I would look more at Cashback cards, but if you had to use a miles card for a large hospital bill (depending on which wards you're in), perhaps the Citi PremierMiles would be a decent card, due to the 1.2 local generalised spend with no cap and no min spend.

Hope this helps!


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