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Posted 2w ago

Branded Stuff

Are branded goods like LV, Chanel for example considered as investments or expenses? My friends considered it as "investments" which can be a potential money trap if it is not sold in the future.


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Too broad buddy.

A limited edition sneaker bought at retail price of say $328 can be resold for 3x its price. That's an investment. (categorised so because of your question. i wouldn't call it an investment lol.)

Said item, when wore out, gives you immense satisfaction, while having it's intrinsic value slowly decay (because you know, wear and tear, etc). That's an expense.

And while I'm not insinuating that branded stuff cannot be investments, I believe living like this is extremely suffocating.

"Living like what?"

Living like everything has to be tangible, and has to either be an investment or an expense.

Don't do your financial planning at such a micro level - zooming into every single purchase and then deciding if it's an expense or an investment.

Instead, split your finances up to savings, investments, necessities, leisure, etc etc. Then whatever you choose to buy with your "leisure" income, just indulge.

Less tiring this way.

P.S. of course, don't spend the money meant for investments on "branded stuff" and then call it an investment. I beat you I tell you.

P.P.S. seems like after the mini-essay I wrote, I'm leaning towards categorising branded stuff as expenses. lololol i guess this will be my TLDR.


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1w ago

Thank you Casey, that was beautiful.

Huang Yixuan

Huang Yixuan

5d ago

I think his/her friends just want an excuse to buy branded goods


Why don't you ask thewokesalaryman? They will be able to tell you whether it's an investment or expense depending on who sponsors them :p



It is ok to pamper yourself with yr favourite brand once a while, but personally i would not buy bra...

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