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Posted 2w ago

At what stage in life should I stop focusing on my career & focus on investing well instead?

Status: Mid-30s, currently drawing a good salary of ~$15k, but big uncertainty in future career outlook.?

Context: Hit career ceiling at current company, and hard to get similar or better paying roles elsewhere. May lose job a few years later.

Thus should I focus on building new skills to remain employable, or should I just cruise in my job (until I get cut) & focus on investing well?


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Firstly, congratulations on drawing a high salary. It is definitely above means at your age! Well done!

I will say focus first on developing urgently a lifelong skill - or at least something you have confidence in that you will not end up being limited to a sunsetting industry. It surely depends on how career-minded you are, but given your question, I believe you also agree that there is more to life than career and the high income.

You can start spending time to pursue all other important things. Money management and investment could be one, but family, passion and love will also make your life more fulfilling. ​​​



You should build new skills and also start investing smartly now. But don't count on your investments to increase your current salary or to replace your income should you lose your job.



The first thing u need to do is to do a reality check on your liabilities. Liabilities include mortg...

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