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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly


Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 12 Jun 2019

Haha FOMO already. I saw very long queues at the ATMs earlier this morning. It was pretty intense! Personally I sent it to my family members who had some extra cash sitting in either FDs or their bank accounts and keen to use it to get more yield.

Ming Feng just wrote an article about it this morning:

Astrea V: 38 funds and a total of 862 companies, across various sectors and regions.

Looks a pretty diversified bond offering in the retail bond space! And backed by a pretty massive reputable investor.



It seems a bit on the lower side at 3.85% for 5 years tenor. The previous tranche at 4.35% is a much better pick I would say. You might want to apply for it, and if it's like the previous tranche, most likely ou won't be able to get too many lots.

But if you are already holding the previous tranche and would like to diversify, I think there are much better investments that give a higher yield compared to the Astrea V



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Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham

12 Jun 2019

I believe they will try to give every applicant the issue, even if its 1 lot...
Vincent Tan Wen Bin
Vincent Tan Wen Bin

12 Jun 2019

Yes, not sure on how they determine on the allocation

This sounds like a really highly sought after bond, I've heard the other tranches being snapped up in a short span of time too. Interests during roadshows seems high as well.

However, if one takes a step back, why the sudden issuing of bonds within months after the previous one? Everyone's kindda irrational and are pouncing to apply for it due to it being Temasek-linked. But is Astrea in good shape? Will we (hopefully not) see a repeat of Hyflux bonds?