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Tan WenHao

Asked on 05 Sep 2019

As DBS account can't feed info into Seedly, is there a workaround?

So it's 4 months now and we know DBS ain't coming back. Is there a workaround? Like setting up a complete transfer into another bank account that can do this so that I can see my total money in and out. The hole I have from DBS makes my financial clarity rather vague except for credit card expenses. I pay rent using my DBS too. Is there a another account and I connect them up or something?


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 09 Sep 2019

Hello Wen Hao!

we actually detailed this here:

Mainly you can actually manually update your account and change the balances when needed.

For me personally, when I do it on my own app for my DBS account, i do it once a week where:

  • I open up my DBS app

  • Manually key in the balances

  • Add in the latest date of update


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

26 Dec 2019

Hey Krishnan! Unfortunately not for now... we did consider doing this earlier this year but decided against it as the file formats can require a huge amount of resources for us to work around. Thanks for suggesting!
Krishnan Gp

27 Dec 2019

Thank You! Am trying to create in excel or SQL Express for my POSB accounts as much of trans happen in that account. Would like to avoid spending time on one for own use. Agree with you that it takes sizable time ... but trying.