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Asked on 17 Mar 2019

Anyone here has heard of this course Asiaworks?

Anyone or someone you know that has attended this course Asiaworks. Seems like alot of bad reviews like brainwashing going on at that course.


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Candy Goh
Candy Goh
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated on 06 Jul 2019

Yes, I've heard of it and I know some friends who has been through it and highly encourage me to go for it.

From the little I understand, this paid course is very intense and it will make you increase in self-awareness to explore personal growth via stepping out of your comfort zones. Think of: You crying because you have to face things you might have sub-conciously hid for a long time.


From my friends' good reviews, it seems like a life-changing course, but one you must be willing to be open to change, if not don't waste your money.

You will probably also gain a new supportive community (imagine seeing each others' vulnerability and growing through discomfort together!)

I'm curious regarding why some people mention it's brain-washing and give bad reviews. Would love to hear your experiences.

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06 Jul 2019

Thank You! This is so helpful šŸ‘