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Asked on 18 Aug 2019

Anybody have recommendations on basic cooking lessons?

Hi, my gf and i are looking to sign up for affordable basic cooking lessons for beginners. Anybody have any recommendations? We have researched for a while but it seems that most of the cooking classes are rather pricy.


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Xue Yi Hang
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 20 Aug 2019

Actually, why not learn from the internet for free? I started from cup noodles level myself and learned all my cooking from YouTube. Now I cook better than my wife :)

You can simply search for things like "basic knife skills" and stuff like that and learn all your fundamentals there. The Pro Home Cooks YouTube channel is great too!


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The meatmen YouTube channel!

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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

21 Aug 2019

Oh these guys are the best haha. 100 x agree!
Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Updated on 21 Aug 2019

Haha solid man! :) I'm also a big believer in home cooked food and often cook on weekends with my girlfriend but just at home, with no cooking classes. We'd recommend:

Watching Youtube videos of:

  • Masterchef Season 10 (to get inspired)

  • Food King on NOC (to see local food)

  • Meatmen channel (to learn how to cook local food)

  • Googling recipes on what you want to make

Example of home cooked Shashuka:

If you are keen to go for a class, recently my company brought us on a team bonding event at CullinaryON. Really solid cooking experience for a 3 course meal, but i think it was damn pricey.

If not, you can also use your skillsfuture for those classes as well which gives you a certification after 5 to 10 lessons, my gf has done it also, but on her own. Haha.


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