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Anybody can explain to me why it is better to re-contract MySim Only plan but not re-contract MySim with mobile phone? ?

I am a M1 user. I want to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 10.5", looking into re-contracting MySim with mobile phone plan. It's offer for the Galaxy Tab A is at $298. However looking into one of the seedly article. It says that it would be good to re-contract MySim Only plan without the mobil phone and find your wanted mobile phone on carousell. Looking through carousell and other shopping online app, the similar model price around $400+ to $500. My question is how could this be cheaper?

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  • HC Tang
    HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
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    Answered on 17 Apr 2019

    I do this every 2 years as I was with m1 contract.

    This table below will helps you to see clearer:

    In short, adding the monthly subscriptions cost, Caller ID (Hidden charges!) and the cost of acquiring handset, it is cheaper to recontract mySim only plan and get the handset from open market such as carousell as others might get it there and not wanting to use it, thus selling cheaper!

    The reality is that, for Telco to subsidies the the handset cheaper, they basically just transfer the cost of handset to consumer in the monthly charges and hidden cost. It's all a maths game!

    Anyway, doesn't necessarity only M1 offer the best deal. Do consider other options such as Singtel Gomo and Circle Life sim only plan and get handset from Carousell. It will be even cheaper with more data!


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