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Posted on 19 Jul 2020

Any tips for boosting business to my cafe?


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Posted on 20 Jul 2020

1. Leverage social media

Unlike other B2C businesses, you don't really have to buy paid ads to market your cafe. The power of marketing for cafes lies in social media.

Ensure you have a regularly update social media presence. Invest time into connecting with your customers over your social media channels - responding to queries, providing regular updates, etc.

2. Make sure your food is instagram-worthy

Because so much of your marketing will come from visual social media channels (e.g. instagram), ensuring that your food is presented beautifully will make a siginificant difference to your marketing reach.

3. Consider renovating your cafe

This is an option to consider if you have spare funds that you're willing to invest. Just like with food presentation, aesthetically pleasing cafes go a long way to attracting clients - think of establishments like P.S. Cafe and their instagram-worthy interiors.

4. Offer delivery

Dine-in customers, as you would know by now, have significantly dropped. Offering your food via delivery will be an important stream of revenue for lots of F&B businesses.

5. Implement a loyalty program

Reward your customers for dining with you, or ordering food from you via delivery services. The F&B sector is hugely competitive, so every dollar saved helps bring you repeat business. Returning customers will be the lifeblood of your business.

Protect your investment with F&B insurance / cafe insurance

You've invested a large amount of money into your cafe. Make sure you protect your investment with cafe insurance. Provide's online platform helps you save up to 25% on your premiums.


Amelia Yamato Leow

Amelia Yamato Leow

01 Aug 2020

Yes! In addition to being photogenic, I think the food has to taste great as well - so people will come back!


Hi there,

If you are trying to boost your business during this pandemic or boost your business in general, there might be a few reasons why your business might not up to par.

It is good to take stock of what you are trying to achieve when you opened your cafe, and whether it has met those objectives. You might have the best food, but you have the worst location. Even if you try and tap onto delivery platforms, the success rate for a F&B business with no clout on a delivery platform is relatively low.

There are a myriad of factors, but based on my experience, if you are not micromanaging, do make sure that you have the best staff that are able to execute your vision, instead of employees just seeking to earn that paycheck. It is detrimental to the business, because the model which you are operating on will never be optimal due to a cog in the machine.

Its often expensive, but sometimes you might need to tap onto a consultant to help identify your problems. Superficial problems, could actually be deep rooted ones.

Hope i was able to address your queries, if you have any questions you can direct them to me!



Kristerbel Pang

Kristerbel Pang

Level 4. Wonderkid

Updated on 02 Aug 2020

I think that Nathaniel has given a very comprehensive answer already, but just to add on, I think th...

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