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Asked on 10 Aug 2019

Any books to recommend?

As Kinokuniya is having 25% discount, anyone have books to recommend for beginners (24 yo working adult)?

I have read a few value investing books, and am interested in options too. Saw an options book by Michael thomsett. Anyone read before?


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Jonathan Chia Guangrong
Jonathan Chia Guangrong, Fund Manager at JCG Fund
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 11 Aug 2019

If you want to buy books, buy from book depository or amazon. They are cheaper as compared to kino. Only buy books from kino if they are locally published.

If you are new to investing, best to pick up the basics first instead of diving into topics like value investing or options. As Gabriel suggested, millionaire teacher is a great book. I'll also suggest rich by retirement which can be found only on amazon but is written in our local context.

If you want to go into options, I'll suggest you pay for a mentor to guide you and not rely on books. 1. You shortcut the entire learning process and have someone correct your mistakes immediately. No waste of time. 2. You gain immediate access to a proven system that works. 3. You will usually get access to discounted comm structure with a broker.

Personally I learned options from my mentor a few years ago and supplemented with a few books I bought. Most of what is found in those books can be found online. And most won't teach you a system you can immediately use to generate returns.

Hope this helps.



Millionaire investor by Andrew hallam is one of my favorites. Teaches about ETF investment globally. Great for beginners too.